What Is Power Relay?

May. 10, 2018

The power relay can be used in the neutral point direct grounding system as a directional component of the zero-sequence current protection. Home appliances such as air conditioners often use power relays. The more common ones are OMRON's G4A and Matsushita's JM. The more frequent failure modes for these types of relays are contact bonding.

There are many defects in the quality of the relay logo printing, and the specific circumstances are complex, and may occur in a single case, and may occur at the same time. However, Guan Jian is required to grasp several printing-related factors such as steel templates, inks, rubber heads, and squeegees. Find out the causes for the problems and eliminate the faults one by one, so that the quality of the relay logos is continuously improved.

Our company's export Power Relays include: GP Relay, GN Relay, etc. If you have any questions about the product, welcome to contact us.

GP Relay

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