What Are The Characteristics Of Power Relays?

Sep. 05, 2018

The power relay functions as an electrical device that turns the controlled output circuit on or off when the input amount reaches a specified value. The Power Relay China can be divided into two categories: electrical quantity relays and non-electrical quantity relays. The power relay has the advantages of fast action, stable operation, long service life and small volume. Power relays are widely used in power protection, automation, motion, remote control, measurement and communication devices.

1. The power relay has the insulation performance of the map. It can reach the dielectric constant of 80,000V÷mm in the state of the map. Since there is no oxygen, it will not oxidize during the application process. Thus, the relay is small and stable during the application process. Contact resistance.

2, power relay high electric strength, rated carrying current and conversion current is large, contact contact resistance is small, the obligation is stable, low noise, small inter-distribution capacitance and inductance, small contact opening distance, low excitation power, breaking The speed is fast, the contact is sealed, and it is not affected by the pressure, moisture, dust or explosive gas of the surrounding environment, and is suitable for the obligation in harsh environment.

3. The power relay has good arc extinguishing performance. The arc is easily evacuated and is not easy to cause contact wear. Therefore, the relay has a long life and can carry a load switch. In summary, the relay has the characteristics of high breakdown voltage, fast arc extinguishing, large breaking current, small volume, light weight and long life. Widely used in the field of weak current control, such as cardiac pacemakers, magnetic resonance imaging, high-frequency antenna coupling devices, radar, capacitor discharge, etc.

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