What Are The Life Requirements For Power Relays?

Oct. 20, 2018

What are the life requirements for power relays? As Power Relay Supplier today to explain to you:

1. The relay contact should be able to turn on and off the voltage of no more than 250V, the current is not more than 1A DC sense load (time constant is 5ms), the breaking power is 10W.

2. During the test, touch contacts are not allowed. The speed of the test should be based on no harmful heat accumulation or ion accumulation on the contacts, generally no more than 1 time/s.

3. During the electrical life, the movable system of the relay should be reliably operated and returned every time. The contacts should be reliably connected and disconnected each time (there should be no stable arc between the contacts), that is, the relay is in the electrical life test. There should be 100% reliability.

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