The Power Of Automotive Relays

Jun. 21, 2018

The Automobile Relay consists of a magnetic circuit system, a contact system and a recovery mechanism. The magnetic circuit system consists of iron core, yoke iron, armature, coil and other parts. The contact system consists of static reeds, moving reeds, contact bases and other components. The recovery mechanism is composed of restoring reeds or tension springs. The relay is an automatic control device that when the input quantity (electrical, magnetic, acoustic, optical, and thermal) reaches a certain value, the output quantity will jump and change. The automotive relays are relays used in automobiles. These types of relays have large switching load power, high impact resistance, and high vibration resistance. The power supply in the car uses 12V, and the coil voltage is mostly designed to be 12V. Because it is a battery supply, voltage instability; poor environmental conditions, suction voltage V ≤ 60% VH (rated working voltage); coil overvoltage allows up to 1.5VH. The coil power consumption is large, generally 1.6~2W, and the temperature rise is high. The environmental requirements are rather harsh: in the engine compartment, the ambient temperature range is -40°C to 125°C, and the ambient temperature range in other locations is -40°C to 85°C; the relays used in the engine compartment must withstand dust, water, and salt , oil damage; vibration, shock is quite harsh.

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Automobile Relay

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