Wiring Method for Automotive Relay

Jul. 30, 2019

Automotive Relay Manufacturer to share the wiring method of automotive relays. The starting control device comprises an electromagnetic switch of the automobile starter and a part of the ignition switch light of the automobile. The structural characteristics of the electromagnetic switch are mainly composed of two parts of an electromagnet mechanism and a motor switch. The electromagnet consists of a stationary core, a suction coil and a holding coil and other component devices. The fixed core fixed and movable core can move axially within the copper sleeve.

A movable iron core fixed to the front end of the push rod and the switch contact plate connected to the tip is connected to the fork by an adjusting screw at a core portion and a connecting pin after the event. The outer copper sleeve is mounted with a return spring that resets the core activity and other active parts. The position of the terminal of the electromagnetic switch and the working principle of the electromagnetic switch. When the attracting coil and the coil are energized to maintain the direction of the magnetic flux generated by the same, the electromagnetic force superimposed on each other, it can attract the movable iron core to move forward until the front end of the propulsion plate touches the electrical switch contact connected to the main circuit The point is turned on until the potential of the motor. When the attracting coil and the holding coil are energized to generate a magnetic pain direction reversal, the electromagnetic forces cancel each other out, and the motor circuit is cut off when the return spring, and other core activities of the movable member are automatically reset, and the contact plates and contacts are opened.

Automotive Relay

The locomotive structure is activated by an automotive relay starter relay of an electromagnet and a contact assembly body composition. a coil ignition switch terminal, respectively, and an "E" terminal housing connected to the "S" connected to the "S" of the starter fixed contact terminal connected to the movable contact and the battery terminal "BAT" through the contact arm body. The car start relay contact is often energized when the coil is energized to open the contact, the car will relay the electromagnetic force generated by the core, causing the contact to close, which will attract and hold the coil control relay coil circuit car has been turned on.

1. The control circuit includes a control circuit, a vehicle starter, an automotive relay control circuit, and a starter electromagnetic switch control circuit. The vehicle start relay control circuit is controlled by an ignition switch, and the control object is an automobile relay coil circuit. When the ignition switch is turned on, the ignition switch passes through the starting block, from the battery terminal through the current meter to the current political power, the ammeter, and the vehicle back to the battery negative relay coil. Therefore, the core Automotive Relay generates a powerful electromagnetic attraction, the car relay contacts close, and the electromagnetic starter switch control circuit is turned on.

2. When the electromagnetic switch of the main circuit is turned on, the attracting coil 3 and the holding coil 4 generate a strong electromagnetic attraction force and are connected to the main starter circuit. The circuit is: power starter battery positive terminal → → → magnetic switch excitation winding armature winding → → ground → negative battery, then the starter electromagnetic torque, the engine starts.

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