Why is Power Relay Disconnected Frequently?

Sep. 26, 2019

In the process of applying Power Relay, there are many problems. So today is mainly about a problem that arises when using relays: Why are relays disconnected frequently? Here are the reasons why the Automotive Relay Manufacturer is organized.

1. The load current is greater than the rated switching current of the SSR, which will permanently short the relay. In this case, the SSR with a larger rated current should be used. This is a theoretical statement. In fact, the rated current of the selected relay is not suitable.

Simply speaking, when the load is greater than the minimum applicable load, the current can destroy the oxide film on the contact surface, reduce the contact voltage drop, and improve the signal transmission quality; when the load is less than the minimum applicable load, the oxide film and other factors may affect the contact performance of the contact. Although the relay can operate, the signal obtained by the switching is unreliable.

Power Relay

Power Relay

2. At the ambient temperature of the Power Relay, if the heat is not good, the output semiconductor device may be damaged. In this case, a larger or more effective heat sink should be used. Otherwise it will affect the relay to disconnect frequently.

3. The line voltage transient causes the SSR output part to pass through. In this case, use a higher rated SSR or provide an additional transient protection circuit.

4. The line voltage used is higher than the rated voltage of the SSR.

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