What is a Relay?

May. 28, 2020

As a Power Relay Assembly Supplier, share with you. relay is an electrically controlled switch. They can be powered by either ac or dc power.

19F Relay

19F Relay

The construction of the Relays

Relays are actually solenoids that are specialized for switching. Recall that a solenoid is a long spiral wire with many rings and a relatively strong and uniform magnetic field inside the coil. Like a relay, a piece of iron can be placed inside to enhance the magnetic field. Thus, a relay is an electromagnetic switch.


Power Relay Assembly are mainly used for remote switching as well as high voltage or high current switching. They are especially valuable because they can control these high voltages and currents with very little voltage or current. Ac power cords are another important use. The relay is used as an ac power switch and maintains electrical isolation of the control signal.


There are many types of relays. For example, a latching relay has two bistable or slack states. Stepping relays are also called rotary switches because the contact arm can be rotated. The coil of the reed relay is wound around the reed switch, and the contacts of the wetted mercury relay are in contact with mercury. Solid state relays have no moving parts.


When there is sufficient current flowing, a typical relay works by pulling movable parts. The moving part is called an armature.


The relay can be used as the switch mechanism of pinball machine, telephone station, automobile, etc.

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