What Is The Car's Starter Relay?

Jun. 21, 2019

Relays are indispensable circuit components in automotive circuits. Basically, every car circuit has a relay, such as car lights, wipers, starters, air conditioners, power seats, electric windows and doors, anti-lock devices, suspension controls, and audio. Wait for the control relay to be used. As an Automotive Relay Manufacturer, let's take a look at the car's starter relay.

The role of the start relay:

Mainly by controlling the current of the low-voltage line to control the current of the high-voltage line, it acts as a current switch. The starting relay is one of the components of the starting system. In the car, the main function is to control the high current mode to start the motor rotation, which drives the internal magnetic motor rotor to rotate, and inputs the ignition pulse signal to the igniter to make the igniter generate electric spark. , ignite the gas in the cylinder and do work.

Automotive Relay

The Automotive Relay is a switch type that uses electromagnetic principles and electromechanical principles to close or open contacts to drive or control related circuits.

The relay is a control device that has two parts: a controlled system (input loop) and a control system (output loop). When the input quantity (physical quantity of electricity, magnetism, light, heat, etc.) reaches a certain value, the output quantity changes from zero to a certain value (or jumps from a certain value to zero), thereby realizing control of the circuit, The purpose of protecting, regulating and transmitting information.

Another definition of a relay: A relay is a device that produces a predetermined transition in one or more electrical output circuits when the input (or amount of excitation) meets certain specified conditions.

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