Precautions For Using Small High-power Relays 1

Apr. 24, 2019

Relays are commonly used in automatic control systems to turn circuits on and off to form automatic control and remote control circuits. Whether it is a core component of a relay signal system, or an interface component of an electronic or computerized signal system, it plays an important role. The same is true for power relays. As a 12V Relay Wholesaler, today we will analyze the things to be aware of when using small high-power relays.

1. Rated operating voltage or rated operating current: This refers to the voltage or current required by the coil when operating at high power. The construction of one model is generally the same. In order to adapt to different voltage circuit applications, one type of model usually has a variety of rated operating voltages or rated operating currents, and is distinguished by specifications.

2. DC resistance: This refers to the DC resistance of the coil. In some product specifications, the rated operating voltage and DC resistance are given. In this case, the rated operating current can be obtained according to Ohm's law. If the rated operating current and DC resistance are known, the rated operating voltage can also be determined.

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