What are the four test methods of Power Relay?

Jan. 20, 2020

There are four test methods for Power Relay. There are many test methods for power relays in common relays. Relays are often used in various industries, such as: automotive, electrical, electronic products, etc. The role of the relay is to protect the circuit. , Limiting the current can achieve the closing effect, the following Power Relay China Factory will explain the test method for everyone.

1. Measuring contact resistance

Use a universal meter resistance file to measure the resistance of normally closed contacts and moving points. The resistance value should be 0 (the contact resistance value can be measured within 100 milliohms in a more accurate manner); The resistance of a point is infinite. It can be distinguished that this is a normally closed contact and that is a normally open contact.

2. Measuring coil resistance

The resistance value of the power relay coil can be measured with a universal meter R × 10Ω, so as to determine whether there is an open circuit in the coil.

NB90E Relay

NB90E Relay

3.Measure the pull-in voltage and pull-in current

Find an adjustable regulated power supply and ammeter, input a set of voltage to the power relay, and insert a current meter in the power supply circuit to stop monitoring. Gradually increase the power supply voltage. When you hear the sound of the power relay pull-in, note the pull-in voltage and pull-in current. For accuracy, you can try several times to find the uniform value.

4.Measure the release voltage and release current

It is also connected to the test as described above. When the power relay is pulled in, the power supply voltage is gradually reduced. When you hear the power relay release sound again, write down the voltage and current at this time. You can also try a few more times to get the average Release voltage and release current.

Relay contacts in series: When the relay contacts are used in series, a certain current is allowed to pass, and the voltage value can be increased, because the arc of the relay is divided into a certain number of small arcs, and the specific situation depends on the actual relays being connected in series. Decided. Series relay contacts also reduce contact erosion, thereby increasing contact life. Generally used for DC loads.

Relay contacts in parallel:

Due to poor mechanical work, the contacts in all relays will not be closed or opened at the same time, and the contacts of a parallel relay will neither increase the closing capacity or the opening capacity of the relay. The connection methods given in the following examples are the upper limit values for the increased or reduced capacity of the relay contacts.

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