What Is The Difference Between Telecom Relay And contactor?

Oct. 09, 2018

The Telecom Relay works in the same way as a contactor. The main difference is that the main contacts of the contactor can pass large currents, while the contacts of the Telecom Relay can only pass small currents. Therefore, the Telecom Relay is generally not used to directly control the main circuit, but indirectly controls the main circuit by controlling the contactor and other switching devices.

In the Telecom Relay protection loop of the power system, the implementation principle of the Telecom Relay varies with the development of related technologies. The relays still in use can be divided into electromagnetic type, induction type, rectification type, electronic type and digital type according to the action principle. According to the physical quantity of the reaction, it can be divided into current relay, voltage relay, power direction relay, impedance relay and frequency relay. And gas relays, etc., according to the role of relays in the protection circuit can be divided into start relays, measuring relays, time relays, intermediate relays, signal relays and outlet relays.

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