What Technical Requirements are Required for Automotive Relays?

Jul. 23, 2019

Most cars can find the relay by simply picking up the hood and finding the relay mounting box. Automotive lighting, wipers, starters, air conditioners, power seats, electric windows and doors, anti-lock devices, suspension controls, audio, etc. use Automotive Relay, which is one of the most used electronic components in automobiles. Demand exceeds 1 billion.

The control relay has two main parts, one is the control system and the other is the controlled system. The reason why the control relay can play a control role is because when a certain signal is input into its control system, such as electric, magnetic, thermal, optical and other physical quantities reach a certain value, the controlled system (also called the output circuit) can be The control quantity is abruptly changed from zero to a certain value, or a certain value is abruptly changed to zero, thereby achieving the functions of controlling, protecting, transmitting and converting information. Controlling large currents with small currents is a feature of controlling relays.

Automotive Relay

Automotive relay technology is demanding because it is suitable for vibration, high temperature, low temperature, humidity, and harsh environments such as oil, salt, water, etc. It requires long life, small size, low consumption, and electromagnetic compatibility, flame retardancy and response. Fast performance and other performance. As an Automotive Relay Manufacturer, we must meet these requirements.

The current automotive relays are still mechanical, but they are moving toward solid state relays. Once the relay fails, it will immediately cause the function of the system components, and even cause the entire car to move.

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