What Is The Role Of Power Relay In Industrial Control Systems?

Jun. 15, 2019

The relay is capable of generating a minimum current for the pull-in action. What is the role of Power Relay in industrial control systems? Automotive Relay Manufacturer to introduce to you.

As a control element, Power Relay has several functions:

(1) Expand the scope of control. For example, when the multi-contact relay control signal reaches a certain value, the multi-circuit circuit can be switched, disconnected, and turned on at the same time according to different forms of the contact group.

(2) Amplification: For example, sensitive relays, intermediate relays, etc., with a very small amount of control, can control a circuit with a large power.

Power Relay

(3) Integrated signal. For example, when a plurality of control signals are input to a multi-winding relay in a prescribed form, the comparison is integrated to achieve a predetermined control effect.

(4) Automatic, remote control, monitoring. For example, a relay on an automated device, together with other appliances, can form a program control circuit for automated operation.

In normal use, the given current must be slightly larger than the pull-in current so that the relay can operate stably. For the working voltage applied to the coil, generally do not exceed 1.5 times the rated working voltage, otherwise a large current will be generated and the coil will be burnt.

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