What are the Principles of Selecting Relays in the Circuit?

Apr. 28, 2020

As a Power Relay Wholesaler, share with you. What are the principles for selecting relays in circuits? Relays are generally named according to their main purpose and function. For example, a relay that reflects the action of a button is called a button relay, and a relay that controls signals is called a signal relay. For convenience of marking, the relay symbol is represented by the Chinese pinyin prefix. For example, the button relay is represented as AJ, and the signal relay is represented as XJ. Many relays are used in a control system, and there are more than one relays with the same function and function. Their names must be different. For example, XLAJ stands for the train access button relay of the down-travel stop signal, and STAJ stands for the uplink pass-button relay. Coils and contacts of the same relay must be marked with the name symbol of the relay to avoid confusion. Each contact group of the same relay also needs to be marked with its number to prevent repeated use. Power Relay is a device that can produce a jump in one or more electrical output circuits when the input meets certain specified conditions. It can be used in the neutral grounding system directly as a directional element for zero-sequence current protection.

BS6 Relay

BS6 Relay

The principle of selecting relay in the circuit:

1. The relay type and coil resistance should meet the specific requirements of various circuits.

2. When relays are used in series in the circuit, the number of relays in series should meet the requirements of the normal working voltage of each relay.

3. The maximum allowable current of the contact of the relay should not be less than the working current of the circuit. If necessary, the method of parallel contact can be used.

4. When the number of contacts of the relay cannot meet the circuit requirements, a repeating relay should be provided, and the repeating relay should reflect the action state of the main relay in time.

5. When connecting series relay contacts in the circuit, the contact resistance of the series relay contacts should not affect the normal operation of the circuit.

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