What Are The Maintenance Methods For Relays?

Dec. 11, 2018

What are the maintenance methods for relays? Let's take a look at the Power Relay Supplier below:

1, core troubleshooting

The iron core failure mainly has the armature that cannot be sucked up after being energized. This may be caused by a broken wire, a foreign object between the static iron cores, and a low power supply voltage. Repair should be done differently. After power-on, if the armature is noisy. This may be due to uneven contact surfaces of the moving and static cores or oil contamination. When repairing, remove the coil, level or smooth the contact surface; if there is oil, it should be cleaned.

2, coil troubleshooting

Coil faults are usually damaged by coil insulation; short circuit or grounding is caused by mechanical damage; because the power supply voltage is too low, the contact between the moving and static iron cores is not tight, so that the current flowing through the coil is too large, and the coil heats up and burns. When repairing, rewind the coil. If the armature does not pick up after the coil is energized, it may be that the coil lead-out line is disconnected, so that the coil is broken, and the soldering can be detected after the falling off.

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