What Are The Steps For Contact Repair Of Power Relays?

Sep. 10, 2018

What are the steps for contact repair of power relays? As a Power Relay Supplier, let's explain it to you:

1. Open the power relay cover and check the contact surface condition.

2. If the surface of the power relay contact is oxidized, the silver contact can be repaired. The copper contact can be smoothed with a slick or a small knife can be used to gently scrape off the oxide layer on the surface.

3. If the contact surface is not clean, it can be cleaned with gasoline or carbon tetrachloride.

4. If there is burn and burn marks on the surface of the contact, the silver contacts may not need to be refurbished, and the copper contacts may be repaired with a slick or a knife. It is not allowed to use sand cloth or sandpaper for refurbishment to avoid residual sand and cause poor contact.

5. If the power relay contacts are welded, the contacts should be replaced. If the contact capacity is too small, replace the relay with a larger capacity.

6. If the contact pressure is not enough, adjust the spring or replace the spring to increase the pressure. If the pressure is still not enough, the contacts should be replaced.

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