How To Correctly Select Power Relay Operation Method?

Jun. 25, 2018

The Power Relay is mainly divided into four steps:

1. Measure the contact resistance: Measure the normally closed contact and the moving point resistance with the universal table's resistance file, the resistance value should be 0; and the resistance value of the normally open contact and moving point is infinite. From this it can be distinguished which is the normally closed contact, which is the constant contact.

2. Measuring coil resistance: The resistance of the power relay coil can be measured with the universal table R×10Ω to determine whether the coil has an open circuit.

3, measuring the pull-in voltage and pull-in current: find the adjustable voltage regulator power supply and current meter, input a set of voltage to the power relay, and in the power supply circuit in series to monitor the current meter. Slowly turn up the power supply voltage. When you hear the power relay's sound, note the pull-in voltage and pull-in current. For accuracy, try several times and average.

4. Measure the release voltage and release current: also connect and test like the above, when the power relay takes over, then gradually reduce the power supply voltage, when you hear the power relay to re-release the sound, note the voltage and current at this time, You can also try several more times to get the average release voltage and release current.

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