Points Of Attention For The Control Circuit Of Power Relay

Nov. 23, 2018

Points of attention for the control circuit of Power Relay:

When the relay contacts are connected to the AC power phase, the electrical life may be extremely reduced.

1. When the relay is turned ON or OFF using the SCR, half-wave rectification is used directly in the power supply, and the recovery of the SCR can be easily performed.

2. In this case, the operating time and reset time of the relay are easily synchronized with the power supply frequency, and the time during which the load is turned on and off is also easily synchronized.

3. When the load is a large current load such as a heater, the relay contact may be turned on and off only at the peak, and may only be turned on and off at zero phase. Therefore, it is prone to extreme deviations in life and extremely short life, so the initial machine quality inspection is very important.

4. The relay for driving the relay P/C board by the external contact has the characteristics of high sensitivity and high-speed operation. Since the external contact often bounces and jumps, it is necessary to pay attention to this when driving. When used at low frequencies, capacitors can slow down the reset time and absorb bounce and jitter.

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