Main Functions of Automotive Relays

Sep. 18, 2019

As an Automotive Relay Manufacturer, let's talk about the main functions of automotive relays today.

1. Control the strong current with weak current;

2. Reduce the number of manual switches;

3. To achieve the purpose of sequentially controlling the electrical appliances;

4. Protect smaller switches and thinner wires to ensure safe and orderly operation of electrical equipment;

5. Some models use many miniaturized relays with internal resistors/diodes. The miniaturized relay saves assembly space. The relay has a resistor/diode that can reduce or eliminate the 300~500V peak voltage that may appear in the circuit, thus protecting the components in the electronic control system and preventing malfunctions.

More typical, such as the starter relay, some people may say: If the positive pole of the power supply is directly connected to one end of the starter, the negative end of the ignition switch is connected to the other end of the starter, the engine can be started. Why do startup machines use Automotive Relays?

Automotive Relays

Automotive Relays

For appliances that use a relatively large amount of electricity (such as starters, electric horns, etc.), if the switch is used to directly control the on/off of the current, the control switch will quickly burn out. Therefore, for the control of high-current electrical equipment, the intermediate relay is generally used, that is, the working state of the high-current electrical equipment is controlled by the opening and closing of the relay contacts. The relay actually acts as a switch. When the ignition switch is turned on, if the working part subjected to a large load is overloaded, the relay becomes an open state, which plays an important role in protecting the circuit.

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