What Are The Main Characteristics Of Power Relays?

Jul. 31, 2018

Power Relay is a device that can make a transition in one or more electrical output circuits when the input (or excitation) meets certain specified conditions. What are the main characteristics of power relays? The following small series explains for you:

1. Rated working voltage or rated working current: This refers to the voltage or current required by the coil when the high-power relay is working. The construction of one type of high power relay is generally the same. In order to adapt to different voltage circuit applications, one type of high-power relay usually has a variety of rated operating voltages or rated operating currents, and is distinguished by specifications.

2. DC resistance: This refers to the DC resistance of the coil. In some product specifications, the rated operating voltage and DC resistance are given. In this case, the rated operating current can be obtained according to Ohm's law. If the rated operating current and DC resistance are known, the rated operating voltage can also be determined.

3. Pull-in current: It refers to the minimum current that a high-power relay can generate a pull-in action. In actual use, in order to make the high-power relay reliably pull in, the given voltage can be equal to or slightly higher than the rated working voltage. Generally do not exceed 1.5 times the rated working voltage. Otherwise the coil will be burnt.

4. Release current: It refers to the maximum current that the high-power relay generates to release. If the current of the high-power relay in the pull-in state is reduced, when the current is reduced to a certain level, the high-power relay returns to the state when it is not energized, and this process is called the release action of the high-power relay. The release current is much smaller than the pull-in current.

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