What Are The Methods Of Handling When The Relay Fails?

Dec. 15, 2018

What are the methods of handling when the relay fails? The Light Weight Relay Exporter below explains to you:

1. For relays with hard terminals, no bending is allowed during installation to prevent air leakage due to rupture of the glass insulator. If it is installed in the form of a socket, it is necessary to select the socket in strict accordance with the specified insertion force to prevent over-tightening or looseness, and to ensure that the socket is clean and prevent contact failure.

2. If the relay is directly soldered on the printed board, the hole pitch of the printed board is required to meet the size requirements of the relay lead-out line, and the aperture should not be too small. It is necessary to ensure that the lead-out line can be smoothly inserted and left with the printed board. Appropriate clearance to prevent over-tightening of the roots.

3. For the relay of the soft terminal, if the lead is required to be bent and installed, it is necessary to clamp the root with a tool from 3 mm to 5 mm from the root, and then slowly bend to the required position, try to avoid round-trip bending and ensure that the root is not stressed. .

4. When welding, it is necessary to prevent the temperature from being too high. The welding temperature should be selected according to the power. For general medium and small power, the soldering iron should not exceed 60W, and the welding time should be no more than 3 seconds. If the welding temperature is too high, the coil and the lead end may be desoldered, and the performance of the reed contact may be affected, and the member may be cracked. After soldering, it should be cleaned to prevent harmful substances from solder from invading the root of the relay. For unsealed soldering, it is necessary to prevent solder from flowing into the interior, directly affecting the contact reliability of the relay.

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