What is Better to Know When Choosing a Relay?

Apr. 01, 2020

As a Power Relay Supplier, share with you. When selecting a relay, you must first understand the technical parameters and characteristics of the relay before it can be put into use. Otherwise, the safety and reliability of the relay will not be guaranteed, which will cause the circuit controlled by the Power Relay to be out of control and cause many unnecessary losses in severe cases.

19F Relay

19F Relay

The type of relay contact. The contact type of the relay includes single group contact, double group contact, multiple group contact, normally open contact, normally closed contact, etc., when selecting, it should be selected according to the needs of the load circuit. Blindly pursue the selection of multiple sets of contact type relays.

Relay power. When the relay is actually used, do not connect the contacts of the relay low power load in parallel to control the high power load circuit. This is because the time it takes for the relay contacts to open to close cannot be exactly the same. The group of contacts that have a short operating time after parallel connection will have to bear a large power load, so this group of contacts will be damaged.

Voltage and current of the relay. When the relay is selected for use, the rated voltage of the relay and its pull-in current value should meet the requirements of circuit design, that is, the rated operating voltage value of the coil of the relay is selected according to the size of the driving voltage and current value.

Selection of the nature of the relay supply voltage. There are two types of relays: AC and DC. According to its working power, the choice is to use AC relays or DC relays.

There are two types of relay contacts: normally open contacts (H) and changeover contacts (Z). The control group includes single group, two groups, three groups, etc .; its working principle is very simple, using permanent magnets or using The magnetic field generated by the energized coil can transform its normally open contact action into a normally closed state to turn on the control circuit. In general, the rated capacity of the contacts of a reed switch is very small, and it can only be used as a small control current for the control signal circuit. When used as a control loop signal, there is no rated operating voltage parameter.

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