The importance of the Automotive Relay industry

Dec. 18, 2019

In the Automotive Relay industry, we have summed up an experience in the face of so many buyers of automotive relays: Miss a product, miss a market. Why do you say that? Relays contact many customers in the selection, they will purchase a lot of automotive relays, different brands of automotive relays to get back for testing, this is also a long process, because not only the automotive relay as an accessory to test, but also There will be many accessories to test.

Automotive Relay

Automotive Relay

Therefore, when purchasing certain accessories, try to choose the right car relay, which can save a little time, after all, there is not only one accessory to be tested. If you miss the time and miss the product, you are missing a market. In order to minimize unnecessary waste, you can choose Yuan Ze relay, we can customize it for you, meet your selection requirements, and serve you in all directions, which is the purpose of relay.

As an Automotive Relay Factory, what do the symbols on the relay mean?

Symbolic representation

The relay coil is represented by a long box symbol in the circuit. If the relay has two coils, draw two long boxes side by side. At the same time, mark the relay's text symbol "J" in or near the long box. There are two ways to represent the contacts of the relay: one is to draw them directly on the side of the long box, which is more intuitive. The other is to draw each contact into its own control circuit according to the needs of the circuit connection. Usually, the same text symbols are marked next to the contacts and coils of the same relay, and the contact group is numbered To show the difference.

There are three basic forms of relay contacts:

The movable contact (normally open, H-type) coil is open when the coil is not energized, and the two contacts are closed after energization. It is indicated by the "H" pinyin prefix.

When the dynamic break type (normally closed, D type) coil is not energized, the two contacts are closed, and after the energization, the two contacts are opened. It is indicated by the "D" pinyin prefix "D".

The switching type (Z type) is a contact group type. This contact group has a total of 3 contacts, that is, the middle is a moving contact, and the upper and lower are each a static contact. When the coil is not energized, the moving contact is disconnected from one of the static contacts, and the other is closed; after the coil is energized, the moving contact is moved, so that the original open state is closed, and the original closed state is opened. The purpose of the conversion. Such contact groups are called switching contacts. It is indicated by the pinyin prefix "Z"

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