How To Use Miniature High Power Relay? 1

May. 25, 2019

Power Relay is a device that can make a jump in one or more electrical output circuits when the input (or excitation) meets certain specified conditions. It can also be used in a neutral point direct grounding system. Directional component for zero sequence current protection. As an Automotive Relay Manufacturer, let's talk about the application and working principle of the small Power Relay today.

Power Relay

Power Relay is often used in applications such as air conditioners in home appliances. In recent years, high-powered household appliances have developed rapidly, such as electric water heaters, water dispensers, etc., which use Power Relay.

1. Rated operating voltage or rated operating current: This refers to the voltage or current required by the coil when operating at high power. The construction of one model is generally the same. In order to adapt to different voltage circuit applications, one type of model usually has a variety of rated operating voltages or rated operating currents, and is distinguished by specifications.

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