How to Buy a Good Relay?

Sep. 09, 2019

As a Power Relay Manufacturer, I often meet some customers who say that the quality of your relay is still ok, it is more expensive. Some customers say that I want good quality and cheaper prices. Here, we give everyone a generalization. In fact, the good or bad of Power Relay, 60% is determined by the contacts, reeds, outer casing, thin wire, base, etc. of the relay, and 40% of them are assembled in the relay. Determined in the process. Think about it, if the relay parts are poor, how well the relays are assembled on the production line, and will not make good PCB Power Relays. Just like a chef, you give him poor raw materials, how good his cooking skills are, and he can't fry good dishes. Therefore, if you have a piece of money and a good quality, it will be more expensive.

Power Relay

Power Relay

So how do we see the relays are good and bad? If you are interested in researching and taking two different brands, you can see the difference if you study it carefully. Take our relays, from the appearance, whether the printing is clear, no breaks; whether the bottom seal is flat and the solder is even. From the internal structure point of view, the wire diameter of the small Power Relay has not reached the national standard, the larger the wire diameter, the better the suction, the coil is not the middle of the small, the moving reed is brass, copper or copper. How big is the diameter of the contact, how much is the thickness of the silver layer; whether the core is loose or not, and there is no gap.

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