How To Choose High Power Relays?

Mar. 26, 2019

As a Power Relay Manufacturer, BAOCHENG teaches you how to buy High Power Relays.

1. Select the electromagnetic relay contact type and contact load:

The same type of relay usually has a variety of contacts available (electromagnetic relays are: single set of contacts, double sets of contacts, multiple sets of contacts and normally open contacts, normally closed contacts, etc.), should choose the appropriate application circuit Contact type.

2. Select the rated working current of the electromagnetic relay coil:

A DC electromagnetic relay driven by a transistor or an integrated circuit has a coil rated operating current (normally 2 times the pull-in current) within the output current range of the drive circuit.

3. Select the appropriate volume for the electromagnetic relay:

The size of the High Power Relays is usually related to the size of the relay contact load. The choice of relays should be based on the request of the application circuit.

4. Select the electromagnetic relay coil power supply voltage:

When using an electromagnetic relay, first select whether the relay coil power supply voltage is AC or DC. The rated operating voltage of the relay should normally be less than or equal to the operating voltage of its control circuit.

High Power Relay

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