Factors To Consider When Choosing A Photosensor

Dec. 13, 2022

As an Automotive Relay Manufacturer, let's talk about the factors that need to be considered when choosing a photoelectric sensor.

1. The size of the photoelectric sensor should conform to its own production environment, and it needs to be measured before making a selection.

2. Select the sensing mode suitable for the environment and select it appropriately.

3. The choice of sensing range should be based on the production environment of the product, regardless of whether the range is large or small, and should be combined with its own characteristics.

4. In the above installation method, if there is a technician, you can give it to the technicians to install it. If there is no technician, you should learn from the advanced experience of others.

5. As for other aspects of the working mode, the choice of working voltage, as well as the light source, connection method, packaging materials, etc., according to the description of the photoelectric sensor is to carry out selective installation, learn from others' years of experience, avoid operation Mistakes caused other losses.

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