What Are The Differences Between Electromagnetic Relay And Solid State Relay?

Jun. 12, 2019

Relays have electromagnetic relays and solid state relays. Today Power Relay Supplier will share with you the difference between the two.

First of all, electromagnetic relays, there must be coils in the electromagnetic field to convert the electrical to magnetic, solid state relays, certainly work under static, literally understand, you can generally know that there is a mechanical contact, one is static electronic switch. The main body of the electromagnetic relay control circuit is the coil, and the original body of the solid state relay control circuit is the optical coupler, which is a big difference.

Secondly, the small difference, from their detection, the general electromagnetic relay coil has a nominal resistance, which can be used as a reference when testing. Generally, the internal resistance of the detection coil should be roughly the same as the nominal, too small for short circuit, too Big is a broken road.

Power Relay

In use, sometimes the electromagnetic relay will have a hidden fault, that is, the common electromagnetic relay does not respond quickly, but the multimeter check is normal. If there are conditions, the voltage action value and return value of the electromagnetic relay can be detected. It is said that the popular point is the pull-in voltage and the release voltage of the relay armature. It is possible to judge from the two voltages what the relay is. Generally, the release voltage is about one-third of the pull-in voltage. If it is not at this ratio, the electromagnetic relay works with instability. It is not recommended to continue using it.

We have encountered in the work when the equipment is jogging, the corresponding movement of the machine will occasionally appear displacement deviation, but it does not happen from time to time, and finally found that the problem is caused by one of the electromagnetic relays is not timely.

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