What is the Difference Between a Proximity Switch and a Sensor?

Jul. 01, 2019

Many people often see photoelectric switches, proximity switches, and the like when searching for sensors. I don't know if the switch and the sensor are the same thing. Today, the Automotive Relay Manufacturer will introduce the difference between the proximity switch and the sensor, and hope to help you.

1. Proximity switches are one type of switching sensors.

2. The sensor is mainly divided into three categories: switch quantity sensor, analog quantity sensor and digital quantity sensor.

3. The switch quantity sensor outputs a switch signal of high and low level changes, which is generally used to detect the state, action or position of the measured object. The signal output by the analog sensor is an analog signal of a voltage or current that continuously changes with the measured physical quantity, and is generally used to detect a specific value of the physical quantity. The digital sensor usually processes the measured analog signal through data processing to output digital data.

Power Relay

4. Switching sensors generally have proximity switches, photoelectric switches and magnetic switches. Analog switches generally have temperature sensors, voltage sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, and the like.

Proximity sensors are devices that are close to the sensing function. Some of them can output analog signals. Some can output digital signals through the communication interface. Some can output simple switching signals. You can call a certain switch. It is a kind of output simple switching signal.

Therefore, the two are not exactly the same thing, they are the relationships involved.

Generally, a proximity switch or a pressure switch uses a force such as a machine or a pressure to sense or drive a mechanical switch, and the sensor senses the above force and analyzes the process, and then outputs a signal (generally an electrical signal).

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