What is the Correct Way to use Power Relay?

Mar. 05, 2020

Generally speaking, product reliability refers to the working reliability of a product, which is defined as: the ability to complete specified functions under specified conditions and within a specified time. It consists of the inherent reliability and reliability of the product. The former is determined by the design and manufacturing process of the product, and the latter is related to the correct use of the user and the pre-sale and after-sales service of the Power Relay Supplier. Users should pay attention to the following when using item:

BS6 Relay

BS6 Relay

1. Coil use voltage

It is better to select the rated voltage according to the coil's use voltage design. If not, please refer to the temperature rise curve for selection. Use of any coil voltage less than the rated operating voltage will affect the operation of the relay. Note that the working voltage of the coil refers to the voltage applied between the coil's lead-out terminals. In particular, the amplifier circuit must be used to excite the coil to ensure the voltage value between the two lead-out terminals of the coil. Conversely, exceeding the maximum rated operating voltage will also affect the product performance. Too high operating voltage will cause the coil temperature to rise too high, especially at high temperatures. If the temperature is too high, the insulation material will be damaged and the relay operation will be affected. Safety. For magnetic holding relays, the excitation (or reset) pulse width should be no less than 3 times the pull-in (or reset) time, otherwise the product will be in a neutral state. When solid-state devices are used to excite the coil, the device withstand voltage is at least 80V or more , And the leakage current should be small enough to ensure the release of the relay.

Excitation power supply: at 110% rated current, the power supply adjustment rate is ≤10% (or the coil impedance with output impedance <5%), and the ripple voltage of the DC power supply should be <5%. The AC waveform is a sine wave, the waveform coefficient should be between 0.95 and 1.25, the waveform distortion should be within ± 10%, and the frequency change should be within ± 1Hz or ± 1% of the specified frequency (whichever is greater). Its output power is not less than the coil power consumption.

2.Transient suppression

When the Power Relay coil is powered off, an anti-peak voltage that is 30 times higher than the rated operating voltage of the coil can be generated on the coil, which is extremely harmful to electronic circuits. Parallel transient suppression (also known as peak clipping) diodes or resistors are usually used. The method can be suppressed so that the reverse peak voltage does not exceed 50V, but the parallel diode will extend the release time of the relay by 3-5 times. When the release time is high, a suitable resistor can be connected in series at the diode end.

3. Parallel and series power supply of multiple relays

When multiple relays are powered in parallel, a relay with a high reverse peak voltage (that is, a large inductance) will discharge to a relay with a low reverse peak voltage, and its release time will be prolonged. Therefore, it is best to control each relay separately and then connect them in parallel to eliminate the mutual influence.

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