How to Choose the Relay to Avoid the Failure?

Apr. 22, 2020

As a Power Relay Supplier, share with you.

Power Relay

Power Relay

1. What is the problem caused by the coil disconnection of the Power Relay? Generally, when most of the relay lines have a disconnection fault, first check whether the disconnection is at the relay pin (prone to the fault of false soldering). Using tweezers to fiddle with each lead, you can quickly find the fault point.

2. The contact loosening and cracking occurred in the relay, mainly due to the loose contact of the relay, the contact cracking or the size deviation is too large. Contact loosening occurs, contact manufacturing, riveting or spot welding is in progress. And also because the material has tolerances, it is determined by the length of each cut.

3. Due to the wide variety of coils used in relays, generally speaking, there are several materials such as outsourcing and non-outsourcing. Therefore, if it is a collision and cross-linking, it may cause disconnection when the coils are separated. So usually the pressure adjustment of the relay should not be suitable for too many changes. Otherwise, it will cause the coil to be wrongly welded, and there is also the need to pay attention when the relay is assembled and welded, so as not to cause the relay to be reversed.

4. The relay is mainly designed to cut off the current and avoid burning the circuit. Generally, there are many types of relays. For example, the relay is divided into single, double, and multiple, and the performance characteristics of different relays with different specifications are also different. Just like the single unit, it is mainly a single working relay. Secondly, the duplex is a relay that can work together or support a single job. Therefore, the relays of different specifications cannot be randomly used or replaced, otherwise, if the selected relay is not applicable, it may easily cause damage.

5. For the normal ambient temperature where the relay works, generally the current withstands will easily cause poor heat dissipation, so most cases will cause damage to the relay output semiconductor device, so it is recommended to choose more High-power heat sinks are used in parallel installation.

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