How Is The Relay Wired?

Nov. 15, 2018

Relays play a central role in systems consisting of relay technologies, such as relay interlocking, relay semi-automatic occlusion, etc. These systems are still in large numbers and will be used for quite a long period of time. In the system consisting of electronic components and microcomputers, such as computer interlocking, multi-information automatic blocking, general locomotive signal, hump automation and other systems, as the interface components, the system host and signal, track circuit, transfer Machine and other execution components are combined. Next, I will give you a brief description of how the relays are wired.

1. Control wiring: Think of it as a DC relay. 3.7 is used to connect 12V control voltage; 2.7 is used to connect 24V control voltage. Among them, 7 is regarded as the negative pole of direct current, and is connected to the neutral line when in use. 2 connected to the 220V fire line.

2. Work control: Although the control voltage is connected, it is controlled by the timer on the panel.

3, function understanding: It is a switch, single-pole double-throw, there is a movable point movable arm, just like the movable blade arm of the common knife switch. 8 is the active point, 5 is the normally closed point, when the relay does not move, they are connected. When operating, 8.6 is connected.

4. Load wiring: the neutral or negative terminal of the power supply's neutral or negative terminal. The live wire of the power supply or the positive pole is connected to the 8th pin, and the live wire end of the electric appliance or the positive pole is connected to the 6th pin, and the 5th leg is idle.

5. Working principle: During the period of invalid timing, 8.5 is connected, which is equivalent to the disconnection of our normal light switch. When it is effective, the relay acts, 8.6 is connected, and the electrician works well, which is equivalent to the normal state of our normal light switch.

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