What Are The Four Feet Of The Car Relay?

Jan. 12, 2019

The working principle of the Automotive Relay is to generate a magnetic field after the coil is energized, and then suck in the contact piece of iron to make the circuit path to protect the circuit. The general connection is that the two wires of the coil are one positive and one negative, one of which is connected to the switch. The other wires are connected to the appliance.

The Automotive Relay is printed with the four legs 85, 86, 87, and 30. 85 and 86 indicate the coil legs. 87 and 30 indicate the contact pins. 85 and 86 energize the magnets to make the contacts of the 87 and 30 feet. Pulling in and out to achieve the working state, Yuanze Electric believes that 85, 86 feet are connected to the control line, 87, 30 feet are connected to the working line, and 87, 30 feet can be divided into positive and negative. 87A normally closed contact, generally not commonly used, his role is that the relay coil is energized and disconnected.

Then, the Automotive Relay can be regarded as a collection of two parts: the control circuit operated by the coil and the main circuit operated by the contacts. In the control circuit of the relay, there is only a small operating current. This is because the contact capacity of the steering switch is small and cannot be used to directly control the load with a large amount of power. It can only be controlled by the contacts of the relay. On and off.

The Automotive Relay is both a control switch and a control object (actuator). Take the fuel pump relay as an example, it is the control switch of the fuel pump, but the coil of the fuel pump relay can only form a loop through the grounding point of the electronic control unit when the driving transistor is turned on in the electronic control unit.

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