What Is The Role Of Automotive Relay In The Car?

Jan. 15, 2019

The Automotive Relay has many uses in cars, but the use of relays is basically the same, both for indirect switching. The riders are not very familiar with this, the following Automotive Relays Factory will tell you about the role of automotive relays in the car.

A relay is an electronic control device that has a control system and a controlled system. It is typically used in automatic control circuits. It is actually an "automatic switch" that uses a small current to control large currents. Therefore, it plays the role of automatic adjustment, safety protection and conversion circuit in the circuit.

Automotive relays generally control high-power appliances such as headlights and heater motors. If the switch is directly controlled by the switch, the insurance is easily damaged. With relays, the switch only controls the relay, and the relay controls the consumer, and the relay requires very little current to protect the switch and the line.

Automotive relays are used in car lights, car lights, when you operate the switch to turn off any car, it is through the relay to do indirect switching, horn, engine starter switch, etc. Some involve large voltage or current Electrical switches.

If the operating voltage is high, people can easily get an electric shock if they go directly to work. If the operating current is large, the direct switch generates a spark at the moment of contact, which generates a large amount of heat to burn the switch, even the operator. If you want people to directly operate these high-voltage and high-current switches, there is a big limitation on the wiring space for operation. Many direct circuits cannot be close enough, and there must be a large security and arduousness. One person operates here. To run to another operation room that is far away, the efficiency is very low, then the power plant needs a large number of people. This is why the car relay is installed in the circuit.

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