Where is the Automotive Relay Specifically Installed?

Aug. 05, 2019

The Automotive Relay is subject to different destructive forces depending on where it is installed and functioning in the vehicle. Such as: temperature, humidity, temperature shock, inrush current, etc., if not properly selected and verified, various unexpected failures will occur. Therefore, it should be tested and verified under actual use conditions before application. So where is the Automotive Relay specifically installed? The Automotive Relay Manufacturer will give you a brief introduction.

Automotive Relay

Automotive Relay

Most of the cars in the Automotive Relay location are the same, and the relays must be installed in the control cabinet or control box. The relay is serially in the main circuit. You can also find it along the circuit. The relay usually has several main contacts, plus two coil contacts, and the contactor is quite similar, but the Automotive Relay can generally see it. Contacts, according to this feature you should be able to find.

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