How Is The Automotive Relay Classified According To Its Function?

Nov. 21, 2018

The Automotive Relay can be thought of as a collection of two parts: the control circuit that works with the coil and the main circuit that works with the contacts. In the control circuit of the relay, there is only a small operating current. This is because the contact capacity of the steering switch is small and cannot be used to directly control the load with a large amount of power. It can only be controlled by the contacts of the relay. On and off.

The Automotive Relay is both a control switch and a control object (actuator). Take the fuel pump relay as an example, it is the control switch of the fuel pump, but the coil of the fuel pump relay can only form a loop through the grounding point of the electronic control unit when the driving transistor is turned on in the electronic control unit.

According to the main function differences, the Automotive Relay can be divided into the following types:

1 electrical switch type relay. For example, the fuel pump relay of the AJR engine of the Santana 2000GSi sedan is installed in a central distribution box for controlling the supply of electric fuel pumps, air flow sensors, canister solenoid valves and oxygen sensor heaters.

2-direction control type relay. For example, the relay of the electric seat system is used to control the current direction of the two-way motor. When the corresponding switch is operated for commutation, the relay rotates the motor in different directions to achieve the movement of the power seat in different directions. purpose.

3 integrated relay. For example, the integrated relay in the Lexus LS400 sedan headlight system, which functions to automatically turn off the headlights, fog lights and rear fog lights, and cut off the signal to the light control according to the signal from the GAUGE fuse and the door light switch. The current of the switch.

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