What Does The Number On The Car Relay Mean?

Sep. 13, 2018

The number of Automotive Relay China is divided into three major blocks:

1, Automotive Relay product specifications, generally standard DC12V, DC24V, etc. Represents the rated operating voltage of the relay (that is, the voltage applied to the coil end), at this point some manufacturers will use some numbers to represent their internal specifications, such as HT33067 Can ignore it.

2, Automotive Relay load capacity: general standard NO 40A, or NC / NO 40 / 30A, etc., represents the load rated current that can be carried at the contact end, generally refers to resistive load, with light load or inductive load according to the impulse current multiple cut back.

3, Automotive Relay terminals: such as 30 for the movable end, 87 for the normally open end, 87a for the normally closed end, 85, 86 for the coil end, also useful for 1 to 5, 1, 2 for the coil end, 3 for movable End, 4 represents the normally closed end, and 5 represents the normally open end.

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