What Are The Technical Requirements For Automotive Relays?

Jun. 30, 2018

Automotive Relays most cars can find traces of relays simply by turning off the hood and finding the relay mounting box. Automotive lighting, wipers, starters, and audio systems are all equipped with control relays. It is one of the most used electronic components in automobiles. The current global market demand exceeds one billion. The

Automotive control relays are technically demanding because they are required to withstand vibration, high temperatures, low temperatures, humidity, and aggressive environments such as oil, salt, and water. They require long life, high reliability, small size, low consumption, and electromagnetic compatibility. Flame retardant, fast response and other properties. The

The former car control relays are still mainly mechanical, but the development of solid state relays. In the event of a relay failure, it will immediately cause paralysis in the function of the system components and may even cause the entire vehicle to move. For example, if the starter relay fails, the car cannot be started electrically. Even though the starter relay has a maximum of ten dollars, it cannot be operated without it.

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Automotive Relays

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