Application areas for relays

Apr. 18, 2019

As an Automotive Relay Manufacturer, let's talk about the application areas of relays. A relay is a kind of point control device. When an input quantity (excitation amount) changes to a prescribed requirement, an electric appliance that changes a controlled amount in a predetermined stage in an electric appliance output circuit. It has an interaction between the control system (also known as the input loop) and the controlled system (also known as the output loop).

Widely used in safety equipment, communication equipment, energy related equipment, measuring and testing equipment, entertainment equipment, industrial control, electrical equipment manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, instrumentation, medical equipment, home appliances, office automation, monitoring systems, high frequency switching, water flow Detection, airflow detection, vibration detection, tilt detection, high frequency signal switching, lifting equipment, automobile manufacturing, locomotive signal, lighting equipment, battery testing equipment, BMS system, photovoltaic, charging pile, smart lock, smart home, car diagnostic equipment , high-voltage test equipment, battery sorting instrument, tube motor, capacitance testing equipment, direct AC high-voltage control equipment, wire harness processing and other fields.

Its main function is the automatic switching element with isolation function, which is widely used in remote control and telemetry.

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