Safety Approval For Relay Switch

Sep. 27, 2017

  1.UL Approval

UL, the abbreviation of Underwriter's Laboratories Inc, is a non-profitable organization founded in 1984. The electric products authorized by this organization can be freely sold in American market, while the electrical products not authorized by this organization will be limited when they are sold in most of the states of America. Due to the authority of UL, the products approved by UL are accepted by many countries.

  2.UL&CUR Approval

UL&CUR is the approval which simultaneously meets the American standard and the Canadian standard, and can be used in North America.

  3.VDE Approval

VDE, the abbreviation of Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, is one of Germany authorized organizations in electrical component and other equipment. The electric products approved by this institution will be admitted in Germany law.

  4.TÜV Approval

TÜV, the abbreviation of Technischer uberwachungsverein, has the same authority as VDE. TÜV is one of the authorized institution in electric equipments. The electric products approved by this institution will be admitted in Germany law.

  5.CQC Approval

CQC, the abbreviation of China Quality Certification, is the most authorized approval institution in China. The products not listed in the catalogue of CCC approvals can make CQC approval in China Quality Certification Center.

These are main approvals for relay switches, no matter it is a 12v relay switch or 24v relay switch, and widely accepted by customers all over the world. 

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