RELAY TYPE: NB90 50A-D109V Relay in Charging Pile in Europe-BLACK

· 50A contacts switching capability 

· 4000VAC is available for dielectric strength between contact and coil 

· 4000VAC is available for dielectric strength between contacts

· Coil insulation grade: Class F

· Contact form: NO

· Dust-free & Sealed type

· Certificates: UL, TUV, CQC

· Complies with RoHS

· Outline dimension: 32 x 27.2 x 20mm

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Contact Ratings
Contact Form:A
Contact Material:AgSnO2
Contact Load Capacity:A: NO: 50A 240VAC, 30VDC
    50A 277VAC, 2HP 240VAC 
Max. Switching Current:50A
Max. Switching Power:13850VA
Mechanical Endurance:1*107OPS
Electrical Endurance:1*104OPS

Technical Ratings
Insulation Resistance:1000MΩ
Dielectric Strength(Between coil&contact):4000VAC
Operate Time (Max.):15ms
Release Time (Max.):10ms
Ambient Temperature:-55℃ ~ 85℃/105℃
Terminal Type:THT

Coil Ratings
Nominal Voltage12VDC
Nominal Coil Power1.2W

PCB Layout (Bottom View)


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