• Quality

    Quality high level decide the enterprise success, efficiency and achievement, quality is life, fortune and market.

  • Cost

    In low-profit era, even management has better strategy and thought, must rely on keeping Cost by employees. Increase efficiency and save cost, keep company high efficient and using every resources carefully.

  • Speed

    The market develop rapidly, only catch up it decisively and quickly, seize the opportunity and grab the chances to win the advantage.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is the spring and power for development, mechanism innovation, technical innovation, management innovation simultaneously to advances with the times, our enterprise can be in an invincible position.

  • Honesty

    “Sy of be speech necessarily line, line necessarily fruit”, keep our promises and to be trusted, establish honest operation theory and create the enterprise brand.

  • Cooperation

    Continuously condense cooperative development, realize customers with enterprise & employees cooperate and progress together, motivate employees to create the enterprise better future and share the enterprise development results.

  • Service

    Perfect service details, obey the service theory of “quality first & service best”to meet the customers requirements by superior and high efficient service and erect the good public image of the enterprise.

Enterprise Vision

Baocheng development relays on global customers trust and Baocheng people work tirelessly, Baocheng will continuously upload the enterprise spirit of working hard, responsible commitment, pursuit excellence. Pace up with the globalization and information rapid development, catch the history opportunity, Baocheng will constantly innovate and develop high quality relay to suit the market needs and focus on creating the enterprise as leader in china and world brand relay manufacturing provider, to bring and share the happiness life for the world people .

Enterprise Vision
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